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Lab Members


Lab Director
Peter Dedon Peter Dedon
Singapore Professor Biological Engineering
Faculty Member, Chulabhorn Graduate Research Institute
Investigator, Infectious Disease IRG, Singapore-MIT Alliance in Research and Technology
Office: 56-787
Phone: 617-253-8017
Fax: 617-324-5280
Lab phones: 617-253-1527, 617-258-8269
Research Scientists
Michael DeMott Dr. Michael S. DeMott
Postdoctoral Scientists
Seetharamsingh Balamkundu Dr. Seetharamsingh Balamkundu
Shane Byrne Dr. Shane Byrne
Farzan Ghanegolmohammadi Dr. Farzan Ghanegolmohammadi
Dr. Boon Chong Goh Dr. Boon Chong Goh
SMART Scholar
Axel Guilbaud

Dr. Axel Guilbaud

Phensinee Haruehanroengra

Dr. Phensinee Haruehanroengra

Ameya Sinha

Dr. Ameya Sinha
SMART/Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

Jingjing Sun Dr. Jingjing Sun
Junzhou Wu Dr. Junzhou Wu
Yifeng Yuan Dr. Yifeng Yuan
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
Administrative Assistant
Darlene K. Ray