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Lab Members

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Lab Director
Peter Dedon Peter Dedon
Underwood-Prescott Professor Biological Engineering
Faculty Member, Chulabhorn Graduate Research Institute
Investigator, Infectious Disease IRG, Singapore-MIT Alliance in Research and Technology
Office: 56-787
Phone: 617-253-8017
Fax: 617-324-5280
Lab phones: 617-253-1527, 617-258-8269
Research Scientists
Michael DeMott Dr. Michael S. DeMott
Wang Jin Dr. Wang Jin
Dr. Wilfried Moreira Dr. Wilfried Moreira
Kalyan Kumar Pasunooti Kalyan Kumar Pasunooti
Postdoctoral Scientists
  Seetharamsingh Balamkundu
Dr. Cao Bo Dr. Cao Bo
Dr. Cheryl Chan Dr. Cheryl Chan
Dr. Ahmed Fazley Dr. Ahmed Fazley
Dr. Boon Chong Goh Dr. Boon Chong Goh
SMART Scholar
Dr. Peiying Ho Dr. Peiying Ho
Dr. Roman Hillebrand Dr. Roman Hillebrand
Dr. Wei Lin Lee Dr. Wei Lin Lee
SMART Scholar

Dr. Zhong Wenhe Dr. Zhong Wenhe
Graduate Students
Weiling Maggie Cai
SMART/National University of Singapore
Nick Davis Nick Davis
Biological Engineering
Chen Gu Chen Gu
Biological Engineering
Jennifer Hu
Jennifer Hu
MIT Chemistry
Ameya Sinha Ameya Sinha
SMART/Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
Undergraduate Students
Alvin Chew Alvin Chew
Year 4 Biological Sciences Student, Nanyang Technological University
Staff Assistant
Josephine Lee
Technical Staff
JoJo Qianhui Nah JoJo Qianhui Nah
T. Rehka T. Rehka
Laboratory Technologist